Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When I have fears & Mezzo Cammin 1

The poems give a sense of fear and sadness thorough the poets uses of giving the emotions a physical being and a rhyming scheme.

Supporting points

Point 1: In the poems the poets give their emotion of fear a physical being.

J – He gives his emotion of fear after a “faery” and a “creature”

H- When he talks about “Death” and his “Past” he capitalizes it making it become a name not just an experience.

Point 2: Keats and Longfellow use their rhyming to add to the effect of the tone.

J- He uses rhyming scheme of a sonnet ababcdcd ect. This adds to effect of when he mentions his fears and how “faerys” like to rhyme.

H- His rhyme scheme is a bit more random which adds to the fear and sadness he has. Abbaabcdcdc.

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